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Fast and Forward, we’re here to help you grow your business. Through analyzing, developing and implementing strategies for your inventory — we provide services beyond prep center expectations to give you the best logistical solutions


We Prep, Store and Fulfill your products, regardless of size and classifications as long as it’s legal and abide the US policy. 


When shipping your product please use the format below, make sure to include your company name.
(Your Company name) c/o Fast and Forward Prep Center 8235 Leo Kidd Ave Port Richey, FL 34668-6609
+1 727 364 2593


For Storage

For Prep & Order Fulfillment

Once we receive your shipment we will inspect the box surface. We will count the total boxes receive and match it with the BOL or packing slip. Any discrepancy on the number of boxes and damage boxes receive we will notify you via email the images and details.

Once we receive your shipment we inspect and count the items to make sure it match with the packing slip, any discrepancy in units , damage items and different items were ship-out , we will notify you via email with the images and details.


We start the check-in process. We will check the spreadsheets for the details on what to do. The items will be prep according to the details given in the spreadsheet and using Amazon’s detailed requirements; Poly bag, FNSKU label, Expiration date sticker, Sold as set sticker and Bubble wrap.
You can give us access to your seller central in enable for us to create the FNSKU sticker and Shipment plan.


For Prep & Order Fulfillment

For Order Fulfillment

Shipping Label will be generating from your seller central account. We put the FBA Box label and Shipping label, and then update the spreadsheet with tracking or shipment ID for multiple boxes.
 Our partnered Carrier will pick up the boxes. You can track the shipment in your seller central account under the SHIPPING QUEUE. 

You will grant us access to the order Management. We process the order the same day and ship out the same day. Our cut off time for order fulfillment is 2PM EST. Order place after the cut off time will be process next day except for expedite and second day shipping method. 

It's time to BOOST your Ecommerce Business !

Avoid multi-week delays, lost revenue and DREADFUL cash-flow setbacks from non-compliant shipments. Let your manufacturer focus on making high quality products – and we’ll take care of the FBA prep.

    Our Services

    Amazon FBA Prep
    Storage / Warehousing
    Order Fulfillment


    We’re known for our reasonable prices in town..

    Wholesale / Private Label

    Basic Prep $0.90 per Unit

    Bundle Pack $2.20 per bundle



    Sticker Removal

    FNSKU Labeling

    Poly bagging

    Suffocation Warning

    Label Expiration Labels

      Online / Retail Arbitrage

      Basic Prep $1.50 per Unit

      Bundle Pack $2.20 per bundle



      Sticker Removal

      FNSKU Labeling

      Poly bagging

      Suffocation Warning

      Label Expiration Labels

        Storage / Warehousing

        $0.70 per cubic foot

        Receiving fee Container Unloading (20 ft. $300 )
        ( 40 ft. $500)

        Picking fee $0.03 per units
        (customized units)

        Forwarding fee $3 per box small parcel delivery

        Forwarding fee Palletize $10 per pallet

        Inspection fee is $15 per every 100 units

          Used Books

          Prep fee $1.50 per bundle

          Listing fee $0.30 per list


          Cleaning and Inspection

          Poly bagging

          Price Tag removal

            Order Fulfillment

            Amazon FBM $1.80 
            addition of prep fee

            eBay $1.80
            addition of prep fee

            addition of prep fee

            Wallmart $1.80
            addition of prep fee

              If you have special instruction send us an email


                General Information

                Where is Fast and Forward Prep Center located?

                Our corporate headquarters are based in Florida

                How soon can I get started?

                As soon as we receive your application, you will be able to submit orders, which will be received by our warehouses upon landing.

                What kind of customers do you work with?

                We work with ecommerce sellers across Amazon, Shopify, and other sales channels to handle their FBA prep, D2C fulfillment and other warehousing needs. Our Client use Wholesale, Private labels, Retail arbitrage and Online arbitrage.

                Are you accepting new sellers?

                Yes we are accepting new sellers.

                Do you have minimum units requires?

                No we don't have minimum units required.

                How do you prefer to communicate?

                We can communicate via email and Skype. 

                What are your working hours?

                Office opens 9:00 AM to 5PM EST Monday to Friday 
                Warehouse opens 10: 00 AM to 5 PM EST Monday to Friday For urgent request we have a 24/7 customer support that can assist you.

                Shipment Process

                How quickly will you ship my products out?

                Our lead time is 24 to 48 hours upon the check in of your shipment in the prepping area.

                Will you create my Amazon shipping plans and print Amazon shipping labels for me?

                Yes we can! You need to give us limited access and well handle the FNSKU printing and the Shipping label and complete other steps as required by Amazon.

                How do you ship my products to Amazon warehouses?

                We utilize Amazon couriers to send out your product, which means lower cost shipping to you! Cost of shipping will be deducted from your account within Seller Central. For Hazmat shipments, we will buy a shipping label from our partnered carrier at the discount rate and include it in your invoice.

                Payment & Pricing

                Do I need to pay a set-up fee?

                No, the set-up fee will include in your first invoice.

                Do you have subscription fees?

                No we don’t have subscription fees or Monthly fees. Our pricing is flat rate and we depend on the total units of your shipment.

                How should I pay you for your services?

                Payment methods 
                Paypal + 3% paypal fee
                Credit Card + 3% service charge 
                Zelle ( Free of Charge.)
                Bank Transfer (US Free of Charge / International $30 charge)

                Other Details

                I didn’t see my question answered here. How can I reach you to find out more?

                If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to 

                Are there any types of products you do not accept?

                Our warehouses do not accept cold storage items. Please reach out to support@fastandforwardprepcenter.com with your exact products to check if we can accept them.
                 • Those are not permitted under the law and illegal substances. 
                 • Chocolates and Meltable items (March – October as per Amazon policy) we accept it starting October 20 until February.

                For RA and OA items, do you consolidate the units before sending to Amazon?

                Yes we can consolidate the units before sending it to Amazon warehouse, but in some cases for food and groceries we will ship those out once it reach 20 units in order to avoid the spoilage of items.

                Do you offer free storage for Prep Products?

                Yes we offer 15 days free storage for Prep items

                Privacy Policy

                Contact Information


                +1 727 364 2593

                7801 Congress St., New Port Richey, Florida 34653

                5444 Napa St., San Diego, CA 92110 United States

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