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Finding a start-up friendly fulfillment center that doesn’t break the bank has been a challenge when we started our e-commerce business. After years of selling in different marketplaces, we’ve encountered endless negotiations, missing packages, and nuisances in going back and forth with 3PL warehouses.

We know e-commerce inside out; we know your struggles; we know how to help you.Expect better; more efficient fulfillment service from Fast and Forward Prep Center...

- Ava Flores
Owner of FFPC

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What are the requirements for FBA Prep Services?

To guarantee that their logistics process is aligned, Amazon has set a list of guidelines, among which are the following:

General Obligations

: each and every product needs to have its own Fulfillment Network Stock 

Keeping Unit (FNSKU). Products that are the same but differ in size or color also have their own FNSKU.

Products Sold as Set

: Products sold as set need to bear one of these labels “Sold as a Set,” “Do Not Separate” or “Ready to Ship.”

Guidelines for Poly-Bagged

The poly-bag has to be transparent, at least 1.5 mils thick, and well sealed. It also needs to have a scannable barcode visible underneath or outside the packaging.

If you’re selling adult products as defined by Amazon “items with images of live, nude models, packaging that displays profanity or obscene messaging” you can use whether dark or opaque poly-bags

Expiration Dated Products

Expiration dates must be printed on the product packaging under the form of MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY.

LOQ Restrictions

he limit order quantity rule applies to dangerous goods such as products containing flammable gases, liquids, and solids, as well as organic peroxides and others.

Prohibited Products

radioactive, explosive, and flammable substances and toxic gases are clustered among the most dangerous products, hence banned by Amazon.

What Are the Challenges Amazon Sellers in China Face When Using FBA?

Numerable are the e-sellers in China, who encountered pitfalls when opting for Fulfillment By Amazon, mainly due to an inability to easily expand and store bigger quantities; which is understandable for someone who is always striving to grow while being under-water responsibilities.

To top it all, the high costs inflicted upon them make only things worse whether for early-starters or e-commerce masterminds. It is at this juncture that FBA prep services are needed more than ever!

What are FBA Prep Services?

FBA Prep services were designed to fix the aforementioned issues. Amazon sellers have now the opportunity to store, label, and pack their merchandise efficiently in an outsourced warehouse.

Inventory space optimization, labeling, packaging, and warehouses location will be the last things to think about when outsourcing your FBA prep services, as these fall under the umbrella of third-party’s responsibilities.

Note that in-house FBA prep services or DIY packaging are not an optimal solution if you’re aiming for growing and scaling up your online store.

What is an Amazon FBA Prep Center?

In simple words, an FBA prep center is the facility you use to get your products ready for listing on Amazon.

What this means, for example, is that they will receive your inventory and take care of all necessary steps needed to sell your items as quickly and efficiently as possible on Amazon.

What Services do Amazon
Prep Centers Provide?

An FBA Prep Center offers a whole range of services, from packaging to inventory checkouts, and everything in between.

These centers use Amazon’s fulfillment process to get your products from their distribution warehouses into the hands of customers.

They also guarantee your items will be prepared by an expert team that ensures every detail is taken care of.

They take care of packing, picking, sorting, and shipping your goods to Amazon’s warehouses for you. This means all you have to do is pack at your location then they will pick it up from there.

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